History of the Blackwood family in Dunster, British Columbia

This article by the Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, Wisconsin contains Robert Blackwood's own words on why he went to Dunster and how positive he felt about that area in 1939 for new pioneers. However, in reality there were few successful farms in Dunster at that time and his was the most successful because of his imported machinist skills and persistent nature..Fortunately it also outlines the success of one of his most important creations - the hydro electric power which he generated from the small creek running through the farm to the Fraser. That provided electric power 20 years in advance of BC Hydro installations.

I remember seeing it work as a young boy in the late '50's when my grandfather took me under his machine shop into the space where the hand crafted wooden water wheel spun under the pressure of the water, turning the generator and producing more than enough electricity. Since it was Direct Current, it was engaged and disengaged by a belt clutch operated by a lever on the shop floor. 

Robert and Amanda on the town - Vancouver