History of the Blackwood family in Dunster, British Columbia

Marjorie and Beatrice ready to ride to the Dunster school on Timmy. When they got there they would turn Timmy loose and he would return the 2 miles to the farm.

Amanda Blackwood with Beatrice, Marjorie, and a relative from Minnesota - on the teeter totter. 

Kenny and Carol circa 1940

Robert and Robert Jr. with the baby girls Marjorie and Beatrice.

Marjorie and Beatrice with baby Kenny - the first Blackwood grand child. 

Red Leach and Mr. Severt horsing around

yet another moose in the 30's taken by the Winchester

Robert Blackwood Jr. cranks over the tractor for his Dad. Circa 1930

Robert Blackwood Jr. circa 1928

Robert Blackwood Jr with Dixie at the first house circa 1925.

Beatrice with Carol and Kenny Blackwood circa 1941

Robert Blackwood retrieves his moose with one of the work horses. When he got it back to the farm he would quarter it and bring the quarters into the kitchen and Amanda would butcher and can the meat. Moose meat was a staple of the Blackwood family and canning was the only way to preserve the meat.

The steam tractor that powered the threshing machine and log mill circa 1935 . In the picture Robert on the tractor and Amanda with Marjorie and Beatsy

circa 1942 Ladies fishing - with some nice strings!

The smaller fish would have been Rainbow Trout and the larger Dolly Varden Trout. Grandpa Blackwood always like the taste of " Dollies " best.

circa 1925 Robert Blackwood Sr. peels logs and erects log building. Dixie number 1 looks on.

Good old Bill Johnson ( or Johannsen ) with grandchildren Kenny and Carol circa 1942. Across the ocean at the time, Robert Blackwood Jr was fighting the Germans in the Royal Canadian Air Force.