Robert Blackwood Jr and Jack in front of the first Blackwood farm house circa 1924

circa 1937 Beatrice Blackwood in the homemade long boat on the Fraser near the Dunster Bridge. .

Walls, Wilsons, Robert Blackwood, Bill Johnson at end of one of the many fishing .days in the 30's

circa 1925 Natalie Blackwood, Robert Jr., and the Garner girl

Robert and Amanda Blackwood in front of the farm house circa 1938

circa 1935 Crossing the Dunster Bridge on the Blackwood steam tractor - scary because of heavy weight. 

from the left - Robert Blackwood Jr, Robert Blackwood , baby Marjorie, and cousin Natalie Blackwood.

Young Bull Moose with Bill Johnson and Ollie Garner ( not a Dunster Garner ) 

circa late 30's

Robert Jr with his aunt Sady circa 1924 on the Dunster Bridge.

Richard Chambers ( the gracious current owner of the farm ) with Michael Kennedy September 2015. Thanks to Richard, the farm house looks just the same all these years later.

Robert Blackwood Jr. - around 1924 with the original house in the background. Robert was always wearing this WW1 Canadian Army hat. 

Early 30's - a younger Bill Johnson with cow moose - and the Winchester.

Bill Johnson with pet moose at the Blackwood farm

This photo taken before the first tractor arrived showing Robert Blackwood doing it the hard way with a good team - plowing in the spring.

History of the Blackwood family in Dunster, British Columbia

circa 1920 - Red Leach, Amanda Blackwood, and the current school teacher

Taking hay off the fields in the 30's. Horses pull the wagon and the tractor is on the right to pull the mower

Dunster school students circa 1920

Robert Blackwood with a neighbour and his custom built hay stacking system. This device he invented allowed them to push the hay on the field onto the stacking platform and then swing it up over the hay stack and drop the hay.

1916 Minneapolis. Amanda and baby Robert